“WOW” Features

Bi-Fold Door Features

  • Fiberglass Door Panels

  • Allow for paint ability and durability combined with dual glazed Low E glass for maximum energy efficiency

  • Concealed Design

  • The locking mechanism is concealed inside the track to offer greater visual appeal.

  • New Lock Mechanisms with No Loose Parts

  • Push button locking mechanism provides easy vertical adjustment.

  • Failsafe Design

  • Featuring automatic self locking technology that locks as soon the push button is released, ensuring panel set.

  • Enhanced Security

  • The intermediate hanger hinge, bottom guides and pivot now feature non-removable pin technology for greater security. Exterior hardware can no longer be tampered with or removed reducing the risk of intrusion.

Bi-Fold Door Features

Improved Aesthetics

All visible hardware is available in these premium finishes:

Polished Stainless Steel
PVD Black
Satin Stainless Steel
  • Note: PVD is an attractive surface that is highly corrosion-resistant.

  • Optional Feature: Brio Retractable Pleated Screen. The Brio 612 screen is designed to be integrated into the door opening, making the unit discreet in appearance and operation.

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