Bi Fold Door Installation in Long Beach, CA.

The WOW Door embarked on a remarkable project in March 2015, transforming a 1924-built home’s ambiance and functionality. The focal point was the installation of a Bi-Fold door, elegantly connecting the sitting room to the outdoor patio space. This modern addition complemented the Craftsman era aesthetic of the home.

Crafted with precision, the project included an Azek frame, Brio Hardware, and a Plastpro one-lite door with a split paint finish in Craftsman exterior color. This meticulous attention to detail ensured seamless integration with the home’s original architecture.

Homeowner Sandy expressed great satisfaction after completion. The installation of the door has enabled her to fully utilize her spaces, and she enthusiastically affirms that this project remains a great investment even after all these years.

Before the installation, the brick patio lacked a cover, and a wooden window required repair. The WOW Door designed and built a wooden patio cover, providing shade and enhancing the patio’s functionality. The introduction of the Bi-Fold door concept further enriched the space, aligning perfectly with Sandy’s vision for the area.

Nine years later, the door continues to function flawlessly, demonstrating its durability and longevity. This installation stands as a testament to The WOW Door’s commitment to excellence, seamlessly integrating modern design with historic architecture.

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